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"On Contradiction"

Study Questions

1)What are the main differences between the metaphysical and the dialectical world outlooks? What are some examples (from within the text or your own) that demonstrate the correctness of the dialectical approach?

2) What is contradiction? What is meant by the universality of contradiction?

3) Contrast the particularity of contradiction to the universality of contradiction. What makes the study of contradictions materialist in its approach? How is the approach of the dogmatists Mao mentions incorrect?

4) What historical examples does Mao bring up when explaining the particularity of contradiction? What contradictions can we see in our own time?

5) What is the relationship between the principal contradiction and the principal aspect of a contradiction? Why is the discovery of the principal contradiction so important? What are the historical examples Mao uses to support his explanation?

6) What is meant by the identity of contradiction? What is the relationship between identity and struggle?

7) What is the difference between antagonism and struggle?

Reading Material

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