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"The Pitfalls of National Consciousness"

Study Questions

1. Contrast a Marxist definition of nationalism with that of the national bourgeoise of the former colonies. What are the reasons for this divergence in understanding? How does the approach of the national bourgeoise enable and perpetuate neo-colonialism?

2. How does the national bourgeoise differ from the settler bourgeoise? How do the characteristics of the national bourgeoise inform their economic and political decisions and how do these policies affect the newly-independent country?

3. How does social chauvinism present itself in the era of independence? In what ways is it different from the same types of chauvinism prolific in the colonial era?

4. How does the dictatorship of the bourgeoise express itself in the former colonies? What becomes the role of the leader of the winning nationalist party? Of the party itself?

Reading Material

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