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"The Weapon of Theory"

Study Questions

1.Cabral states that the agenda of his comrades shows “a fundamental preoccupation with struggle,” but points out that they do not explicitly discuss the most difficult, and perhaps most important, struggle of all, “the struggle against our own weaknesses.” Why does Cabral find it important to make this distinction, and what does the struggle against our own weaknesses entail?

2. How does Cabral define class society and redefine the stages of history? Why is this modification of Marxist terminology important to the global struggles for national liberation?

3. What role does imperialism play in this outline of history? What is imperialism’s “historical mission,” and why has it or has it not accomplished this mission?

4. What fundamentally changes during the transition from imperialism to neo-colonialism, and why does the overthrow of these systems require different strategies than the overthrow of direct imperialism?

5. What are the forces at play in the colonized countries that suppress revolution? What strategies does Cabral call for to counteract these forms of colonial violence?

Reading Material

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