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“The Struggle for Trade Union Unity” (Week1)

“The Struggle for Trade Union Unity” (Week1)
Study Questions

1. How does Dimitrov envision the united front coming to be? Which parties will initially form the united front, and what other groups will be influenced by it? What does the united front initially look like?

2. What arguments against the united front are highlighted by Dimitrov, and what is his response to them? How do we see these same reactions in our own political conversations and organizing, and how could we incorporate Dimitrov’s points into our own practice?

3. What are the initial goals of the united front and the strategy to achieve them? How must Communists engage with the masses during this first phase of joint action? What, for Dimitrov, is the “chief stress in all this”? (pg. 28)

4. Why is the development of an anti-fascist line in the united front so important? What approach should we take in bringing people of various backgrounds into this front, and what must we keep in mind while doing so?

5. What does Dimitrov have to say about the particular form of fascism in the United States and how to organize the proletariat against it? What has changed in the US since Dimitrov delivered this speech, and what has stayed the same? How would we go about following his advice in our own efforts?

6. What are the differences in organizing the united front under fascist governments and social democratic governments? How must the approach of the communists differ in each? Under which type of government do you think we’re living here in the US, and what strategies/tactics should we adopt from either or both types of organizing as outlined by Dimitrov?

Reading Material
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